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Paper Ponds is a single player, grid-based puzzle game where the player guides an origami frog through different ponds in order to collect bugs by building bridges of post-it notes. The color of these post-it notes will change the color of the frog, and the frog can only pick up the bugs in the level when the frog's color matches that of the bug.

Paper Ponds was made as the final project for the Principles of Game Design class at Champlain College, where the prompt for the project was "Any Colour You Like".

While Paper Ponds was a solo-project, there are still people I would like to thank that helped make this project what it is:
- Alexis Wilson (created the frog, bug, and rock assets)
- Tom Lunday (helped guide me through programming issues I was having)

Install instructions

1) Download .zip file
2) Unpack folder titled "Paper Ponds"
3) Open the executable titled "PaperPonds.exe"
4) Make sure the resolution is 1920 x 1080
5) Hit "Play!" and enjoy!


Paper Ponds.zip 24 MB

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