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Solar Defense System is a tower defense set in the future, where humanity has finally been able to build their own artificial Sun, all the while attracting aliens that want to destroy it for the resources! Using the DJ Hero Turntable as a controller, players can build and rotate planets along their orbits, each with their own abilities to get the upper hand against the endless alien armada!

Solar Defense System was made as the final project for the Game Production I class at Champlain College, where the prompt for the project was "alternate controls".

Solar Defense System was made by the following people:
- Leonardo Robles Gonzalez (Lead Designer, UI/UX Designer, Acting Producer, Music Composer)
- Aiden O'Connor (Lead Designer, Sound Designer)
- Riley Morrissey (Lead Artist)
- Zoe Hammonds (Lead Artist)
- Avery Dibble (Lead Programmer)

Install instructions

1) Download .zip file
2) Unpack folder titled "Solar Defense System Build"
2.5) If you own a DJ Hero Turntable, connect it to your computer; this game is not only compatible with this controller, but was designed specifically for it!
3) Open the executable titled "Solar Defense System.exe"
4) Make sure the resolution is 1920 x 1080
5) Hit "Play!" and enjoy!


Solar Defense System.zip 25 MB

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