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The Ghost with the Most (Bones, That Is!) is a head-to-head platformer where both players control ghosts that are seeking bones in order to build their own skeletons. Bones randomly spawn in the level, and different bones help boost different stats of the player, giving them the edge to be the ghost with the most!

The Ghost with the Most (Bones, That Is!) was made for the Champlain College Halloween Game Jam 2017, where the theme was "haunted mansion". The game was voted as the winner by the judges.

The Ghost with the Most (Bones, That Is!) was made by the following people:
Leonardo Robles Gonzalez (Lead Designer, UI/UX Designer, Sound Designer, Music Composer)
- Tom Lunday (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Acting Producer)
- Riley Morrissey (Lead Artist)
- Dakota Williams (Designer)
- Ben Strong (Programmer)
- Harry Goetz (Designer)


The Ghost With The Most.zip 80 MB

Install instructions

1) Download .zip file
2) Unpack folder titled "Ghost with the Most"
3) Open the shortcut titled "GhostWithTheMost - Shortcut.lnk"
4) Make sure the resolution is 1920 x 1080
5) Hit "Play!" and enjoy!

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